The Greater London Bus Map


I am interested in purchasing London Transport bus stop 'e' plates and British Railways station totems. I will pay top prices for any 'e' plates that I do not already have in my extensive collection, so please contact me if you have any available. I am especially interested in any 'e' plates for routes 504, 812 and W6. Some station totems which are of particular interest to me are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Here are some photos of a few e plates that I have sold on eBay:

6 & 6A 'e' plate62 'e' plate73 & N89 'e' plateN87 Alighting Point 'e' plate 719 'e' plate798 Alighting Point 'e' plateStar Bus 'e' plate725 'e' plate 395 & 395A 'e' plate74X 'e' plate75 'e' plateN87 via 'e' plate 724 'e' plate805B 'e' plate502 'e' plate81 'e' plate 333B 'e' plate73 Rush Hours 'e' plate710 'e' plate723 'e' plate 100A 'e' plate705 'e' plate802B 'e' plate849 'e' plate

Hampsted Heath Sample Tottem

Some of the British Railways station totems that I would be interested in obtaining by purchase or exchange:

  • ER - Chelmsford, Hackney Downs, Leytonstone High Road, St. Margaret's, Stanford-Le-Hope also some ER street direction signs wanted especially those from east London and south Essex
  • MR - Amlwch, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Hampstead Heath
  • SR - Blandford Forum
  • ScR - Port Glasgow
  • WR - Barmouth Junction, Llangollen, Moat Lane Junction, Poyle Estate Halt

If you have ANY of the above totems for sale or exchange please contact Mike Harris. I may also be interested in some other stations too.