The Greater London Bus Map


Here are some of the reviews and comments that have been received about The Greater London Bus Map.

Buses Review June 2018
June 2018 Buses Magazine Review -

Buses Review
February 2015 Buses Magazine Review -

"An excellent product which I found immensely helpful on my recent visit to London. It is just the right size to fit into a jacket pocket of a lady's bag. Yes the printing is a little small but then the area covered is huge. Especially helpful were the route details and the larger central area map on the back. I don't know how he does it for just £2."

"Apps are all very well, but there's nothing like a paper map for route planning!"
Jill, Rugby

Classic Bus Review
January 2014 Classic Bus Magazine Review -

Buses Magazine Review
January 2014 Buses Magazine Review -

"The maps are great. Just what I needed and the service was unbelievably prompt."
Ruth, Pinner

Classic Bus Mag Review - August 2013
July/August 2013 Classic Bus Magazine Review -

Buses Mag Review - June 2013
June 2013 Buses Magazine Review -

Agnetta, Sweden

Bus Mag Review May 2011
June/July 2011 Classic Bus Magazine Review -

Bus Mag Review May 2011
May 2011 Buses Magazine Review -

Postcard from Corinne, Switzerland
Corinne, Switzerland

"Arrived safely. Beautiful map, thank you so much."
Peter, Leatherhead

"I can't believe that it is 17 years since you started publishing the Greater London Bus Map! I have got every single one & they are certainly much easier to refer to than current TfL publications, just by the simple fact they have all bus routes between 2 covers"
Francis, Bristol

"Thanks very much for the wonderful Greater London Bus Map and the equally wonderful Greater London Night Bus Map - both excellent publications. Everyone riding London's transport should have one. I have also downloaded the amazing and lovely 1958 Greater London Bus Map - showing my favourite trolleybus routes"
Tony, Sutton

"Blimey Mike – what a map – fantastic."
John, Doncaster

"This is the finest guide on the market. Congratulations"
John, Middlesbrough

"I very much rely on your maps fro getting around London on my bus pass, so am grateful that you are able to provide this service."
Peter, Leatherhead

"Absolutely superb website and what excellent bus maps, both past and the present day. They are even better than the maps which are published and are available for free. Now that does say something."
Terry Moore, Croydon

"Thanks for this great map of the London bus routes. I have just ordered 3 more copies for friends."
Teresa de Bertodano

"Let me congratulate you for your work, and your participation with the Mental Health Foundation."
Sylvain, Montreal

"May I congratulate you on this production? It is a pleasure to find a map which you can actually understand, and the inset town centres are a very nice addition."
C.Carter, London SW12

"... I must congratulate you on its clarity and completeness."
Peter Gerhold, Axminster, Devon

"... It is indeed a superb map."
Peter Hemingway, London N15

"... Once again we have a 'proper' bus map. Well done."
Barry Coppock, London E4

"... Congratulations for a wonderful publication."
Peter Boalch, Ilford, Essex

"Thank you very much for sending your excellent bus map."
Terence Atkins, Barnet, Herts

"... It is excellent."
John Wateridge, Yorkhill, Hereford

"Many thanks and congratulations for the Greater London Bus Map."
Trevor Jones, London SE5

"It is good to see a proper bus map of London being published."
C.H.Gilbert, Altrincham, Cheshire

"Thank you for sending me your bus map. It is excellent."
G.J.Bonson, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

"... it is a very impressive piece of work and I cannot fault it."
Alex Nelson, Burnopfield, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

"Thank you for the excellent and informative Greater London Bus Map"
Ian Rae, Camberley, Surrey

"... What a change to see a proper bus map at long last!"
M.J.Haywood, Coulsdon, Surrey

"... It is a really excellent publication and I congratulate you for its production."
J.A.Chalk, Middlesbrough, Cleveland

"... I would like to congratulate you on your own version of this ... It is a great improvement ... with a high degree of accuracy."
Rufus Isaacs, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

"... a great improvement."
A.B.Anstiss, Hampton, Middlesex

"Thanks very much for sending me your excellent Greater London Bus Map."
Peter Newman, London E17

"... It is an excellent publication and I fully endorse Barry Doe's complimentary remarks in "Buses"."
J.Gilchrist, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

"... It is nice to see a decent route map again, and I echo the comments made by Barry Doe."
A.C.Bird, Downham, Kent

"A very impressive publication. I look forward to future editions."
Norman Kemp, Managing Director, Capital Citybus